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Thank you for believing in us

Clients of Get Claims Advice are on a roll, with the company now reaching the £18 MILLION* mark in claims recovered from mis-sold pensions, mostly SIPPs, as of the 10th August 2017.

With much more work to do, we still expect this figure to rise considering over the next 12 months and more and more of our clients rescue their retirement funds from mis-sold pensions and investments – exactly what we first set out to do, and what we still do everyday.

How You Can Help Us Do More

Pensions, and indeed, finance in general is a touchy subject, especially when it comes to loss. We get that, in fact we deal with it everyday as new clients come on board for a journey towards financial recovery.

But without people being informed of our services and having awareness raised about pension mis-selling, people may still feel alone with their situation, and many more won’t even realise they’ve been put at risk, or that their pensions have been dramatically altered.

If you’ve been mis-sold your pension, speak up! It might just change somebody else’s fate too!


*Figure calculated before the deduction of our success fee, charged at 24% inclusive of VAT. See terms of business.

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