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Both clients and Get Claims Advice staff alike are celebrating a little bit extra today as we hit our £2m* paid out for mis-sold pension claims milestone ahead of schedule!

Claims Success!

A recent flurry of successful mis-sold pensions claims orchestrated by Get Claims Advice‘s team of dedicated Claims Handlers has meant that we’ve smashed this monumental milestone earlier than expected, with cash flooding into the pockets of mis-sold pension holders to help with their retirement plans.

We know from experience that this money can mean everything to the people we work hard for, ensuring that their years of saving for their pension aren’t wasted, and they can look forward to their futures again.

Currently, some claims total a whopping £50,000* for the client!

But we won’t sit around celebrating for long – there’s even more money to win back for clients than ever! Here’s how some of our bigger cases break down:

Mis-sold Pensions cases:

Ethical Forestry:
The Costa Rican and Bournemouth based investment is still going through the mill of it’s December Liquidation, with at least an estimated £60m of investor capital still at risk in this unregulated timber investment. Early claims have now begun to come back successfully, meaning investors who are yet to claim can move forwards with confidence.

Harlequin Property:
Still under investigation from the Serious Fraud Office, there are still plenty of worried investors out there. But the silver lining is that many still manage to get a result with a mis-sold pension claim through Get Claims Advice.

The Resort Group Cape Verde:
Recently the focal point of a BBC Panorama episode focusing on mis-sold pensions, The Resort Group appears to have been mis-sold to many investors, and following the program we’ve seen a huge surge of investors coming to us for help.

Sustainable AgroEnergy:
An SFO freeze order and a key salesman receiving a hefty prison sentence isn’t enough justice for investors in Sustainable Agro Energy, and we’re still fighting hard to recover losses stretching into the hundreds of thousands.

Storage Pods:
The focal point of a BBC radio investigation just last year, some storage pod investments have not been paying their promised returns, even costing investors money instead of making it!

And more…

There’s plenty more too, and if you invested your pension fund into a SIPP or unregulated investment based on some potentially shoddy advice, then GET IN TOUCH for FREE and we’ll tackle your initial assessment with the same energy that rescued over £2m* and counting.

Here’s to success for our clients… CHEERS!

£2m paid for mis-sold pensions

*figure calculated before the deduction of our fee of 24% Inclusive of VAT

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