Our Core Values...

We're proud of the results we get for our clients, but it's our values that really set Get Claims Advice apart, centered around our clients and setting the direction we constantly move in...

Our Values

What we feel makes Get Claims Advice Ltd a special outfit to work for, and an equally special experience for our clients, is our core set of values, and our Primary Mission

To END Pension Mis-Selling

When it comes to the wicked and wonderful world of finance, we know most of the pitfalls, and so do a lot of IFAs, pension providers and investment consultants. But that doesn’t mean they’ll let you know about them before they get you to invest!

This all helps pension mis-selling happen, and if we're going to end it, we need to be more than just supporters of clear, honest and transparent financial advice, we need to really bring the fight to the people at fault, with all the backing of our clients, supporters and fans.

We mean EVERYONE in the finance world. Our work on behalf of our clients could one day help us push for better regulation, helping to hold those responsible for financial misconduct to account by hitting them where it hurts – their bank accounts, and restoring balance in the world by helping the wronged party get their compensation.

More than that, we're here to increase awareness too, and as of 2017, we're spending more and more of our time working on our End Pension Mis-selling campaign.

We have no issues with going up to bat against the big-boys when it comes to doing what’s right for our clients, and showing irresponsible agents that they need to tighten up – after all, it's people’s financial futures at stake!

The way we think about our clients

Despite the complex nature of the financial world we live in each day, we take the time and effort to keep our clients at the centre of everything we do.

We understand the levels of stress that can be caused by being mis-sold an investment, pension, SIPP or mortgage. It’s not just numbers on a bank-account that have been potentially put at risk, it’s the years working for it, and the years ahead that were supposed to be supported by the gains from the investments and pensions, and we can’t help but sympathise!

People can often find the world of financial investments confusing, and the paperwork involved in claiming it back can be just as daunting, sometimes leading to a feeling of helplessness.

Our Values insist of us that we take the time to speak to every one of our clients as often as we can, keeping you updated on the process, how your claim is coming along, and chasing the relevant parties to get the information we need to take things forward on your behalf

All this positivity makes Get Claims Advice a great place to work for us, and a great place for you to get specialist claims advice.

The way we think about the claims process

At Get Claims Advice, we're confident that we know the claims process inside out. But that doesn't mean we don't constantly look for new ways to streamline our claims procedures, working hard on claims placed with the FSCS and FOS to get the right compensation paid to our clients in a timely manner - justice served!

The way we think about our results

We have a paradoxical relationship to our claims results. There’s no doubt we have given ourselves reason to feel a little proud, with over £28m* paid out on behalf of our clients (Dec 2017), but we like to remain humble, keen and hungry enough to fight for our clients at a moment’s notice, ensuring we never let them down and get them the financial justice they deserve.

*Figure calculated before the deduction of our success fee, charged at 24% inclusive of VAT of any compensation awarded to the case)