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Did you move your British Armed Forces pension?

Pensions like these were rare and valuable. Sometimes when you move work, you could be tempted to move your pension into a private scheme.

Did you know…

  • People who transfer final salary pensions up to 10 years before they retire may lose as much as 50% of their total pension value?*
  • Defined benefits pensions like these come with valuable benefits that may be impossible to replace with a personal pension?
  • That less than 50% of the pension transfer advice reviewed by the FCA was found to be suitable for the individual?*

Transferring your pension may mean running out of money in retirement, compared with a Final Salary pension that promises a guaranteed income for life.

An illustration of final salary vs personal pensions
Did you also know, that if you transferred a defined benefits pension then you may be able to make a claim? For a quick chat about your pension situation fill in the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible – completely FREE.

The Final Salary Pension Transfer Scandal

The FCA tells financial advisers to only recommend that somebody transfers a final salary pension in rare circumstances.

This is because they are considered valuable, protected up to 90% by the PPF and come with the promise of a guaranteed income in retirement.

Most personal pensions come with no such guarantee, and as investments rise and fall with the often unpredictable markets, many may lose money by transferring away from final salary pension schemes.

Is your pension performing as good as your old final salary pension?

It all depends on many factors, and private pensions rarely stack up to valuable final salary pensions. Is you NEW pension…?

  • Promising a guaranteed income in retirement?
  • Protected by the PPF upto 90%?
  • Free for members to run (no annual charges?)
  • Set to pay out all the way until you die?
  • Complete with Death In Service Benefits that would pay up to 50% to a spouse if you die before retirement?
  • Keeping up with the Critical Yield (how much your pension needs to grow by each year, every year, to keep up with what your old pension would have been worth?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you may have been mis-sold your pension transfer.


Get Claims Advice

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