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Myths about mis-sold SIPPs

4 Big SIPP Claims Myths Busted


If you’re looking at making a SIPP claim, you could be going through an emotional time and some of the SIPP claims myths don’t help – a mix of fear, shock, confusion and anger as you come to terms with the idea that somebody, usually a financial adviser, has put your pension fund at risk, … Continued

park first winding up order

Park First airport investment schemes shut down


Park First Glasgow & Gatwick Park First, the car-parking investment scheme arm of Group First, has agreed to cease operating and marketing it’s airport parking investments with the UK financial services regulator – the FCA. Itself an FCA-unregulated car-parking investment scheme which operated car-park investments in Glasgow and Gatwick, the FCA encouraged investors to seek … Continued

British Steel Pension Scheme transfer

Why cant some Financial Advisers advise you on your British Steel Pension?


The bosses at the Financial Conduct Authority have stopped Active Wealth (UK) Ltd from advising steel workers about their pensions The rules about transferring away from a Defined Benefit pension, like British Steel pensions, are pretty strict, and if your British Steel Pension is worth more than a certain amount, you HAVE to get independent … Continued