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Pension advice bad doctor analogy

Company Director compares pension transfer advice to a bad doctor


Alistair Cunningham, Director of Wingate Financial Planning made a medical advice analogy to explain his critical views on pension transfer rules, highlighting how some financial advisers in agreeing to review somebody’s pension transfer, telling them it’s wrong, but executing the business anyway is a bit like a bad GP. Speaking at the Personal Finance Society’s … Continued

Investment firms caught

Revealed: 25 investment managers receive FCA action as others are told to rein in Appointed Representatives to avoid pension scams


Request for information reveals that the FCA dished out 25 “Section 166” reviews in 2016 FCA tells firms to “ramp up” due diligence on their Appointed Representatives What these actions mean for customers A Freedom of Information Request to the Financial Conduct Authority has revealed that the regulator issued 25 “Section 166” reviews against financial … Continued

FCA targets

Why is FCA is targeting Financial Advisers that recommend high-risk investments?


The FCA may be refocusing their attention on certain financial advisers FCA to look into advisers recommending high-risk investments What is a UCIS? Why does it matter? FCA Director of Policy David Geale has said that financial advisers that recommend unregulated investments could be in the regulator’s scopes from 2018. The Financial Conduct Authority has … Continued

Financial conduct authority survey

1 in 8 believe they have been mis-sold by their financial adviser


Is the true scale of pension mis-selling becoming too big to ignore? 13,000 interviewed by FCA 13% of those surveyed said they felt mis-sold Same percentage felt they received other bad advice How to spot your own mis-sold pension The FCA has conducted its 2017 Financial Lives Survey, asking 13,000 people about their personal financial, … Continued