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New Ethical Forestry letter: Investment limbo and HURRICANE worries cast further doubt over investor’s money


A new letter dated 28th November from Ethical Forestry liquidators HJS Recovery has told investors that they are still no closer to reaching a solution. Shane Biddlecombe, Joint Liquidator over the troubled and unregulated forestry scheme explained yet another lengthy gap in correspondence with investors, stating that he did not have “anything of any substance … Continued

Premier Children Services Investment enters administration: What we know so far


If you’ve invested your cash or pension into Premier Children’s Services (often called PCS) and you haven’t yet heard the news, you might want to sit down (if you’re not already). On the 15th of November 2016, the board of Premier Children’s Services met to discuss the best options to deal with the “financial difficulties” … Continued

Can I make a claim against my SIPP provider?

Can I make a claim against my SIPP provider?


The truth is, you may not have to! This is the big question that the industry asks itself a lot: what level of liability do SIPP providers have in the face of a claim for mis-sold SIPP investments? Can investors who feel mis-sold make a claim? The problem is, as things stand it’s pretty hard to bring … Continued

Should I trust my financial adviser?

Should I trust my financial adviser about my pension? A 4-point checklist


The UK financial services market is as wonderful as it is complex, and fortunately features some of the best Independent Financial Advisers in the world to help those seeking good advice to ensure they are doing the best thing for their money, whether that be their pension, mortgage or savings. But no market is perfect, … Continued

Mis-sold teacher's pension transfer

Did you trade in your teacher’s pension for something else? Now might be the time to revisit the advice you received…


In the ever-changing world at the chalk-face, most would agree that one of the true remaining perks of becoming a teacher is one of the best occupational pensions in the UK, relatively safe and with some benefits and perks you don’t get in Defined Contribution pensions. I mean, there’s got to be some substantial compensation for endless marking, … Continued

InvestUS and Cherish Wealth Management

CityWire reveals that some InvestUS investors haven’t been paid interest in over 2 years as Director Stephen Wright denies conflict of interest with Cherish Wealth Management.


£77m is a lot of investor capital, and many investors in US property reclamation scheme InvestUS will likely be wishing they hadn’t contributed to it, as CityWire continues to expose the gravy train that led to some investors missing their interest payments for more than 2 years. Registered in the Seychelles and run by Stephen … Continued

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