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Case Studies

We at Get Claims Advice work on multiple mis-sold pension cases at any one time, and all of them have the same ultimate goal, which is to help customers make a claim so that they can get their life back on track.

Right now we have many cases which are straight-forward and others that were more complicated, but all our past and on-going cases get the same dedication and attention from our staff, as we understand that making a claim can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for those afflicted by poor advice, investments and more. Therefore we wanted to highlight what we can do for you to help you recover through a selection of case studies that can help demonstrate how we can help you, should you want to make a claim.


Case Study: How a mis-sold pension resulted in a permanent holiday 

Due to the resulting ill health from his position as a foundry manage, our client later found himself at the hands of negligent advice from the firm Henderson and Carter Associates Limited which meant he was looking at being in a financially unstable position throughout the remainder of his retirement. Our client called us… 

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Case Study: Learn how one customer claimed back her pension after leaving a lifelong guaranteed situation

Our client had a local Government Pension Scheme, in other words, a Defined Benefit (DB) or Final Salary Pension Scheme. A type of pension that is seldom seen in private sectors anymore, it comes with a whole host of guaranteed benefits that other pensions don’t always have. She used a company called The Matrix Model Group to review her pensions and they assisted in placing her pension into a SIPP. Unbeknownst to our client, The Matrix Model didn’t have the permissions to advise on final salary pensions, so a second company called Financial Limited was drafted in…

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Case Study:  Discover how a planned retirement cruise trip got back on course

Our client was advised to transfer her pension into a high risk, unregulated investment by Portafina LLP. She could tell after a number of years that something didn’t seem right with her pension and grew suspicious. “They tried to fob me off so many times and I thought this ain’t right!” She tried to claim directly to Portafina herself but was essentially given the run around! Janis grew frustrated at the situation and started looking for other solutions…

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Case Study: How a claim helped one customer clear his debts and put some money away for his retirement fund

Our client was contacted by Cherish Wealth Management who were acting as appointed representative of Shah Wealth Management to review his current mortgage situation initially and was then offered a pension review. Our client was advised to transfer three of his personal into a SIPP with Novia and then invest into a variety of high risk, unregulated investments. When Cherish Wealth Management collapsed it only added insult to injury to our client’s situation.

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