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Discover how Mrs D was able to put her retirement cruise trip back on course with GetClaimsAdvice

The Problem

“Me being naive with things like that I didn’t know all of this jargon and everything!”

Mrs D was advised to transfer her pension into a high risk, unregulated investment by Portafina LLP. She could tell after a number of years that something didn’t seem right with her pension and grew suspicious. “They tried to fob me off so many times and I thought this ain’t right!”

“My husband had a massive heart attack, which pushed me on because he was still working and I didn’t want him to work.”

She tried to claim directly to Portafina herself but was essentially given the run around! Janis grew frustrated at the situation and started looking for other solutions…

The Solution

“I called Alex and she said yeah, we’ll go for it!”

Mrs D eventually found herself on the Get Claims Advice website and read that we were able to help customers in a similar situation to her so she called us and after an initial call she was provided with her case manager, Alex.

“Portafina dug their heels in and were trying to get away with it. They left it last minute dot com …”

Portafina rejected the initial complaint submitted by Alex and Mrs. D so the only option was to refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to adjudicate. Wait times at the FOS can vary and often take a long time. 

Alex stayed in contact with Mrs D the whole time to give updates to her as and when they came through and after 19 months from her initial contact with Get Claims Advice she received her decision from the Financial Ombudsman Service.

“Stayed in contact with Alex the whole time and likewise she did to me.”…”We used to email each other all the while, that’s mainly how we kept in contact”.

The Result

“I couldn’t believe it! It was all over and done with”

The FOS considered the merits on an initial adjudication of Mrs D’s case put forward by her and Alex and found in favor of the complaint and Portafina agreed to pay £13,258.18 to her. Her case took a long time “approximately 2 years start to finish” but Janis got the result in the end!

“I’m still working but hopefully I’ll retire soon… …I’m also going on a 22 night cruise in the Caribbean”. 

Mrs. D has been able to use the money to aid toward her retirement and also book a dream holiday in the Caribbean making 13 stops in various locations.