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See how Mr A took his family on a permanent holiday with a claim on his mis-sold pension

The Problem

Mr A retired due to ill health from his position as a foundry manager and later found himself at the hands of negligent advice from Henderson and Carter Associates Limited which meant he was looking at being in a financially unstable position for his retirement.

“I had a lot of tumours”

A couple of Mr A’s pensions were placed into a Guinness Mahon SIPP and consequently invested into the AIGO Residential Property and Equity Fund. AIGO are a collection of high risk investments unregulated by the FCA relating to mainly commercial / residential property and natural resources.

The Solution

“It was through my Son”

Mr A was pointed in the direction of mis-sold pension experts, Get Claims Advice, via his son who was able to recognise that we may be able to help his father with a claim on his pension. After an initial call with Mr A, we placed him under the care of our case manager, Lucy.

“She was absolutely fantastic!”

Lucy was able to gather all the relevant information from Guinness Mahon a month after Mr A’s son contacted us and she sent off the FSCS application to Mr A that same month. He was in hospital at the time but as soon as he was feeling better he sent the application back to us a couple of months later and we submitted his claim that very same day. 

“Lucy was very confident”

The Result

“I was amazed to be fair!”

The FSCS agreed to pay Mr A £33,040.20 for the negligent advice 7 months after his son made initial contact with us. When Lucy made him aware of his offer we were also able to notify him that the calculations sent by the FSCS didn’t match ours and that he may be due more compensation and that we could appeal the amount.

Mr A still received his initial interim payment offered by the FSCS and we ploughed on with the appeal. The FSCS agreed with our calculation and he was awarded a further £7,392.68 after another 6 months. 

“I haven’t finished spending it yet but most of it’s gone on my family.”

Mr A has been able to take care of his family and continue living out his retirement with the peace of having some additional financial security.