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8 Financial advisers fail to respond to FCA pension transfer probe


Its no secret that the watchdogs at the FCA are gunning for financial advisers that give unsuitable or even negligent financial advice over the transfer of Final Salary Pensions. Defined benefits pensions are considered to be rare, valuable and in most case, well worth keeping! But over the past few years, many financial advisers threw … Continued

Man resting head on keyboard in despair over pension advice

Retirements put at risk due to pension advice failures


A review of pension transfer advice conducted by the top-dogs at the Financial Conduct Authority has revealed how a string of common advice failures from some financial advisers may be putting retirements at risk. The FCA looked into 45 financial advice companies that were giving people pension advice over valuable final salary pensions, and other … Continued

50/50 split of good and bad pension advice

Less than 50% of pension transfer advice deemed suitable


Those who have transferred their final salary pensions may want to re-examine the advice they received, as the FCA promises ‘serious consequences’ for firms after an investigation revealed less than 50% of advice appeared to be suitable. Transfers of final salary pensions should never be undertaken lightly because of the rare and valuable benefits being … Continued

Microscope illustrating how the FCA is treating suspect IFAs

3000 financial firms to be quizzed over pension transfer risks


The Financial Conduct Authority, which both sets and enforces the rules for companies working in the financial services sector, is set to question around 3,000 firms about pension transfer risks, following suspicious surges in transfer activity over the past few years. In many cases, people may have been given negligent financial advice that led them … Continued

Lots of pound coins

FSCS may have to levy another £69m to pay for pension mis-selling compensation


The Financial Services Compensation Scheme is forecasting an extra £69 million levy to pay for pension mis-selling compensation, as claims about SIPP pensions and final salary pension transfers appear to rise. As the ‘lifeboat’ scheme for the financial services sector, the FSCS is often responsible for paying claims when companies can’t either because they cannot … Continued

Adding to pension fund

Number of pension transfers shoot-up 587% in just 2 years despite warnings


Have you moved a defined benefit pension? Final salary pensions are some of the most rare and valuable pensions around, promising a guaranteed income in retirement, with some excellent benefits and security. But despite this, it appears people are leaving them in the thousands, as the FCA reports a massive 587% increase in pension transfers … Continued

FCA demanding information from IFAs

FCA demands information from DB pension transfer advisers


The FCA has written out to financial advisers who have permissions to conduct final salary pension transfers to demand information about the ongoing costs of the new pension arrangements being paid by their clients. Final Salary pension transfers are rarely considered suitable under the FCA’s rules, because of the amount of risk moving away from … Continued

Mps meet steelworkers

MPs to meet with steelworkers as pension mis-selling saga rumbles on


Westminster will play host to steelworkers caught up in the mis-sold British steel pension transfer scandal, in an effort to hear and address concerns over the compensation offers being made to people who have lost out by transferring. It is believed that some financial advisers used fear tactics and uncertainty over the future of the … Continued