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Grainger Co Claims after de-listing

Foreman Financial Services (GraingerCo) ignores Ombudsman over mis-sold SIPP complaint


The Tunbridge Wells firm is now closed, after the FCA revoked their authorisation Foreman Financial Services, which often traded as GraingerCo has closed it’s doors after the FCA took action, apparently over the way it handled itself over a SIPP pension complaint. The FCA, which regulated all authorised financial services companies, took away GraingerCo’s ability … Continued

Medical and Professional Financial Management in Default with FSCS


The same firm was ordered to pay a client compensation by the FOS for mis-selling investments through SIPPS A new list of 17 advice firms who have been declared “in default” with the FSCS has been published via a press release, featuring Medical and Professional Financial Management, an Edinburgh based firm that is no-longer authorised … Continued

Car Park SIPP Claims

Furness Financial Management – 2 win claims for mis-sold pension advice


The FOS found in favour of the client in two cases involving unsuitable pension investments in SIPPs Furness Financial Management, no-longer authorised by the FCA and declared “in default” with the FSCS, was based in Staffordshire, and as of 2017 has 2 FOS decisions held against it, both relating to advice it gave clients about moving … Continued

FSCS declares pension advice firms in default

Is Your Pension Safe? 25 more firms in default with the FSCS


The FSCS has declared another 25 firms in default, meaning that they are satisfied that the firms can’t pay claims made against them for things like negligent advice 25 more firms have been added to the ever-growing list of financial services outfits that don’t have the dough to pay claims for compensation made against them. … Continued

Pension Claims

FSCS Levy Hikes for SIPP Providers to help pay for those mis-sold under fire from industry


Suggestions that SIPP providers should pay more into the Financial Services Compensation Scheme pot, which helps compensate those who have suffered financial from things like bad advice, has been criticised by the Association of Member-Directed Pension Schemes. What is the Financial Services Compensation Scheme? The FSCS takes a levy from firms regulated by the Financial Conduct … Continued