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financial adviser reveals his true face

Is your DFM investment portfolio a scam?


The FCA has warned that it has seen an increase in scams ran through discretionary fund managers – often a part of SIPP pensions. DFMs are portfolios of investment bonds The bonds are chosen and managed Portfolios are often rated by risk Many DFMs may involve scams Did you move your pension to a SIPP … Continued

A claims handler checks paperwork for negligence

Why checking your pension advice for negligence might save your retirement


Transferred a pension in the last 15 years? You may have received bad advice that could put your retirement at risk. Thousands mis-sold Final salary pension transfers often not what they seem Many SIPP pensions still involved in scams How to check for mis-selling claims A new study by the Pension Scams Industry Group (PSIG) … Continued

a businessman with a briefcase walks through a desert with a red flag

10 signs of a pension scam revealed


Back in 2015, the Pensions Scams Industry Group (PSIG) was voluntarily set up to look into the causes of pension scams – a huge part of the fight against people losing their pensions. Using data collected from three different pension providers, they’ve probed into over 27,000 pension transfers from Defined Benefits pension schemes worth over … Continued

a wanted sign for carbon credits fraudsters

£2.4m carbon credits investment fraudster on the run


Now several years on from when Carbon Credits investments were being plugged by marketing firms and IFAs as the go-to green investment for savers, one fraudster is on the run from the London Police. Sami Raja from Essex was sentenced to eight years for his part in £2.4 million fraudulent Carbon Credits scheme in January … Continued

Coins and keyboard letters that read SCAM

Financial Advisers told to do more to report potential pension scams


It’s now one week since the long-awaiting ban on pension cold-calling came in to effect, and this week The Pensions Regulator has told financial advisers to do more to report potential pension scams so authorities can take action earlier. Over the past 15 years, many people with valuable final salary pensions have been bombarded by … Continued

Lots of pound coins

FSCS may have to levy another £69m to pay for pension mis-selling compensation


The Financial Services Compensation Scheme is forecasting an extra £69 million levy to pay for pension mis-selling compensation, as claims about SIPP pensions and final salary pension transfers appear to rise. As the ‘lifeboat’ scheme for the financial services sector, the FSCS is often responsible for paying claims when companies can’t either because they cannot … Continued

pension scanners banned - cold caller

Four people behind £13.7 million pension scam banned


TPR bans for pension scam quartet The Pensions Regulator has banned four people from becoming pensions trustees after their hand in a pension cold-calling scam that ruined the retirement plans of 245 people. The four people, named in Citywire as David Austin, Alan Barratt, Julian Hanson and Susan Dalton, were all involved in a “pension … Continued

Delays board

Promised Pension Cold-Calling Ban Delayed


It’s no-longer a secret that many mis-sold pensions start with a cold-call. The majority of calls come from marketing firms offering a “free pension review”, and often lead to recommendations involving high-risk investments in SIPPs. This led to a widespread petition, signed by many in the Financial Services industry to BAN cold-calling about pensions, in … Continued

How big is the pension mis-selling crisis

Is The True Scale Of The Pension Mis-Selling Crisis About To Be Revealed?


You’d think that between industry specialists like Get Claims Advice, and authorities like the Ombudsman and the FCA, we’d all be able to estimate the true scale of the pension mis-selling crisis to a penny, but the truth is far more complicated… Many Victims Still Unaware Because pensions are complicated, and because the effects of … Continued