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A claims handler checks paperwork for negligence

Why checking your pension advice for negligence might save your retirement


Transferred a pension in the last 15 years? You may have received bad advice that could put your retirement at risk. Thousands mis-sold Final salary pension transfers often not what they seem Many SIPP pensions still involved in scams How to check for mis-selling claims A new study by the Pension Scams Industry Group (PSIG) … Continued

a businessman with a briefcase walks through a desert with a red flag

10 signs of a pension scam revealed


Back in 2015, the Pensions Scams Industry Group (PSIG) was voluntarily set up to look into the causes of pension scams – a huge part of the fight against people losing their pensions. Using data collected from three different pension providers, they’ve probed into over 27,000 pension transfers from Defined Benefits pension schemes worth over … Continued

Answers to questions about final salary pensions

BIG questions about final salary pensions


We know final salary pensions can be confusing. Here’s some answers about defined benefit pensions that might just help you get your head around them. This article is for information purposes only and is not financial advice – if you are looking for advice or considering changes over your own final salary pension, always seek … Continued

Shuttered doors at Greyfriars asset management

Greyfriars Asset Management SIPP & DFM goes into administration


Greyfriars Asset Management LLP, a firm that dealt with both SIPP pensions and Discretionary Fund Management (DFM), has gone into administration. A note on the official public record (The Gazette) said that Greyfriars have appointed administrators from Smith & Williamson LLP on the 23rd of October 2018. What does “going into administration” mean? Going into administration … Continued

high-risk investments in pensions

152 Financial Advice Firms Questioned over High Risk Investment Recommendations


The financial services watchdog – the FCA – has collared 152 financial advice firms over their involvement with high-risk investments. The recommendation of high-risk investments to people that aren’t suitable for them has become a huge problem for the industry, and tens of thousands of people are put at risk through SIPP pensions. Stemming the … Continued

British steel sign being unveiled

Another Firm Connected With The British Steel Pensions Scandal Liquidates


More claims are expected for mis-sold pension transfers away from the British Steel Pensions Scheme after Retirement & Pension Planning Services enters into liquidation. Based in Barnsley, Retirement & Pension Planning Services entered into an agreement with the UK financial services regulator back in December 2017, which mean they would STOP all pension transfer business, … Continued

Acklam Financial

Transferred Your British Steel Pension? Third Firm Pulls Out Of Giving Pension Advice


Acklam Financial, a firm that is known to have given advice to people over their British Steel pension, has stopped giving advice over defined benefits (DB) pensions. The Financial Conduct Authority (the UK’s financial watchdog) temporarily removed Acklams Financial’s permissions to advise on transfers that involved DB schemes, including things like British Steel pensions. In … Continued

Greyfriars portfolio six closed

Greyfriars Asset Management Closes Investment Portfolio Business


The DFM side of Greyfriars Asset Management has closed down, some time after the financial watchdogs told them to “cease managing investments for new money”, making special mention of Greyfriar’s Portfolio Six group of investments. Greyfriars as a company still has a “section 166” over its head, which means that the FCA may have concerns … Continued

British Steel Pension Scheme transfer

Why cant some Financial Advisers advise you on your British Steel Pension?


The bosses at the Financial Conduct Authority have stopped Active Wealth (UK) Ltd from advising steel workers about their pensions The rules about transferring away from a Defined Benefit pension, like British Steel pensions, are pretty strict, and if your British Steel Pension is worth more than a certain amount, you HAVE to get independent … Continued