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Mis-sold SIPP claims set to rise by 89% in 2021

Mis-sold SIPP claims set to rise by 89% in 2021


Claims from victims of mis-sold SIPP plans are forecast to rise by 89% to an eye-watering £336million in 2021. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has raised its total compensation budget from £700m in 2020 to over £1bn in 2021, with over a third of claims stemming from mis-sold SIPPs alone.   Feeling the pandemic … Continued

BlackStar Wealth Management collapses

£1.7m in claims against Kingsway Wealth Management


Kingsway Wealth Management   Kingsway Wealth Management is facing a rising number of pension-switching claims since defaulting with the lifeboat scheme earlier this year. The failed IFA has seen a steep rise in compensation claims since May, with a total of £1,729,085 paid on 35 claims so far according to the Financial Times. Kingsway became … Continued

financial adviser reveals his true face

Is your DFM investment portfolio a scam?


The FCA has warned that it has seen an increase in scams ran through discretionary fund managers – often a part of SIPP pensions. DFMs are portfolios of investment bonds The bonds are chosen and managed Portfolios are often rated by risk Many DFMs may involve scams Did you move your pension to a SIPP … Continued

A torch shining a blue light

Torch Wealth Management to pay up over SIPP advice


Financial advice firm Economic Financial Solutions IFA, which also went by the name of Torch Wealth Management, is set to pay a client compensation over SIPP pension advice. The Financial Ombudsman Service decided that Mr M’s complaint should be upheld, after he said he had suffered “severe financial losses” as a result of Torch Wealth … Continued

Mis-sold carbon credits pension claims

Liberty SIPP makes the news with more links to high-risk investments


SIPP pension provider Liberty SIPP is again ‘under fire’ over its links to high-risk and unregulated investments. Some SIPP companies allowed investments in alternative schemes, often based abroad and not regulated by the watchdogs at the FCA, including Liberty SIPP. Often linked to the Ethical Forestry situation, in which the Costa Rican forestry scheme entered … Continued

Man confused over financial advisers responses

Financial advice firm refuses to declare that it gave advice over SIPP


Lighthouse Advisory Services – a principal IFA that has operated with several Appointed Representatives, has been told to pay compensation to a client by the Financial Ombudsman, because it refused to sign paperwork declaring that it gave financial advice. In a recently published financial ombudsman case, Mr B was given advise to transfer his two … Continued

Mis-sold SIPP claims illustration

£17 million compensation bill for just 3 collapsed SIPP companies


The collapse of 3 SIPP pension providers, Brooklands Trustees, Montpelier Pension Administration Services and Stadia Trustees, has so far cost the FSCS £17 million in compensation. Because the three firms stopped trading and disintegrated, it meant that the FSCS had to step in, declaring the firms in default, which meant that it would consider paying … Continued

Lots of pound coins

FSCS may have to levy another £69m to pay for pension mis-selling compensation


The Financial Services Compensation Scheme is forecasting an extra £69 million levy to pay for pension mis-selling compensation, as claims about SIPP pensions and final salary pension transfers appear to rise. As the ‘lifeboat’ scheme for the financial services sector, the FSCS is often responsible for paying claims when companies can’t either because they cannot … Continued

Stacks of claims against Beaufort Securities

1,400 claims against Beaufort Securities land with FSCS


The Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which acts as a lifeboat to pay claims when firms cannot, has received over 1,400 mis-selling claims relating to the Beaufort Securities scandal. Beaufort, which entered into administration back in March shortly after it was revealed that parties relating to Beaufort were caught up in an FBI sting, provided discretionary … Continued