Mis-sold Investment Claim

It’s now become obvious that the estimated value of all the mis-sold investments in the UK add up into the £millions, if not £billions. A worrying fact for those who find themselves a little unsure of the exact nature of the investments in their SIPP, SSAS or other investment portfolio, or simply investments they have made outside of their pension, perhaps through an ISA.

If our years of mis-sold investment claim experience has taught us anything (and it really has!) it's that there are too many negligent or perhaps unscrupulous financial advisers around, ready to sell unsuitable and high-risk investments to busy and hard-working savers, just like you!

Get Claims Advice is here for just those people – offering FREE and No Obligation investment health-checks to ensure that the investments in your portfolio are not only right for you, but have been sold correctly to you.

If they aren’t the investments you thought they were, and this is the fault of the adviser (true in a huge number of FSCS and Ombudsman cases this year alone), then Get Claims Advice are the ones to bring them to justice on your behalf, all on a No Win – No Fee* basis, capable of getting the compensation you could be due for a mis-sold investment.

With a FREE initial assessment, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain if your investments are found to be unsuitable.

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Mis-sold investment claims with Get Claims Advice

Mis-sold investments don't sit too well with the team here at Get Claims Advice, and we're keen to lend our knowledge, experience and winning strategy to any case we can.

That’s  just another reason why we offer a FREE, no-obligation* initial investigation service into your investment advice, where we look at WHAT you were sold, HOW you were sold it, to determine whether you can make a claim.

Give us the green light to go ahead and we’ll pursue your claim to the ends of the earth on your behalf (or at least to the ends of the FOS, which can sometimes feel like the ends of the earth). We take on all the hassle of paperwork, the chasing advisers and providers, and wading through the jargon of the FOS and FSCS on your behalf.

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