Mis-sold Pension Transfer Claim

For most savers in the UK, Final Salary pensions and Occupational pensions are arguable some of the most desirable and secure available, allowing some serious peace of mind when thinking and planning for a happy retirement.

But when presented to you by a crafty IFA or bank, a Final Salary Pension Transfer can look pretty attractive too, meaning many otherwise savvy-savers become victims of a mis-sold final salary pension transfer, exposing their nest-egg to more risk than may they may have been told about – not great!

The mis-selling of Final Salary Pension Transfers happens all the time, sometimes due to a bias from IFAs and other advice providers caused by higher commission rates, or simply due to negligence and unsuitability.

The simple bit...

If you started off in a good pension, whether that be a Final Salary, Occupational or average salary pension, and now find it in somewhere worse or at risk, you may have experienced a mis-sold pension transfer, and could make a claim with Get Claims Advice >

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How your mis-sold pension transfer claim works:

  • We assess your pension transfer for mis-selling
  • If mis-sold, we build your claim for you
  • No difficult paperwork - we prepare it
  • No upfront fees or setup costs*
  • No Win - No Fee, and no obligation*
  • We chase your claim to payment
  • You receive your deserved compensation

What is a mis-sold pension transfer?

Simply put, if your pension was in a safe spot, making good returns that keep pace with inflation with little risk, why would you want to move it?

In many cases, people move into a riskier pension because they've taken unsuitable advice from an IFA, (who, by the way, probably earned a small fortune in commission for the transfer).

Some rogue IFAs may neglect to tell you:

  • That your current pension is in your best interests
  • That the new pension increases the risk it is exposed to, often to levels that you wouldn't be
    comfortable with if it was made clear
  • That they will earn a lot of money if you transfer your pension

Mis-sold pension transfers and Get Claims Advice

Get Claims Advice helps more and more people each month recover their well-deserved compensation from mis-sold pension transfers, helping to re-secure their retirement plans for a cheerier looking future – something we know our clients have worked hard for.

All that hard work building up your pension pot deserves some hard work from our Get Claims Advice case handlers to help recover your money, and we take our role very seriously, advising on, building and chasing each claim with a wealth of experience, driven by a need to see justice served.

We believe that our customers should get this advice affordably, and because of that we operate each claim, no matter how much work is involved on a NO WIN – NO FEE basis*, with no upfront costs or setup charges*, just great advice available to you 5 days a week.

In particular, if you have transferred your Final Salary or Occupational Pension from any of the following, we recommend you get in touch for free advice using the form above:

  • Teacher’s pension scheme
  • Civil Service pension scheme
  • Corporate / company pension scheme

At Get Claims Advice, we only hire the best so we can give the best to our clients, so get it touch through the form, or call us directly on 01204 205061 to get your claim assessed and built for free, with a NO WIN – NO FEE service*.

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Want to know if your Pension Transfer was mis-sold?

Lots of factors can add up to you pension transfer being mis-sold to you, from plain old negligence to something a little more sinister, and it's your retirement plans that will suffer unless you take action now!

Get Claims Advice assess each pension transfer on a case-by-case basis with years of knowledge and experience - just get in touch for free and we'll give you our 'two-cents', which in turn could be worth tens of thousands for you in compensation if you have been mis-sold.

There's no up-front costs, no obligation to continue after the short assessment, and anything after that is on a NO WIN - NO FEE* basis too, leaving you nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

How much would a mis-sold pension transfer claim change your life and retirement plans?

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