SIPP Claims Process

Pensions are well regarded as one of the most complicated topics in the financial services industry, making SIPPs even harder for those that have not studied the industry to understand.

So when it comes to SIPP claims, its often a trained and professional eye that can help spot a mis-sold SIPP, how it happened, and then guide the claim through to completion with knowledge, experience and strategy.

Instead going directly to the FOS or FSCS, time and time again people lean towards the use of a Claims Management Company (that's us!) to help them facilitate their claim through to a decision with the proper authorities. But why?

Get Claims Advice provides a service that takes your claim from initial assessment to an official decision, with professionalism, knowledge and experience, all on a No Win - No Fee basis*

Roy - A SIPP claim process case study

Roy's story is a long one, but he tells it well!

After investing through a SIPP in unregulated investments, Roy took his case to the Ombudsman and FSCS himself, a process that took well over a year and resulted in his case being rejected.

Fortunately, he then came to Get Claims Advice, who went through the same processes Roy had but with our knowledge, understanding and experience, and had his case awarded over £48,000^. READ MORE >


Watch Roy explain his story, in his own words

So what is the Sipp Claims Process with Get Claims Advice?

With the number of mis-sold SIPPs rising by the month as more and more mis-selling is uncovered, SIPP claims have become a vital service for many investors who have been mis-sold their SIPP investments, and now may stand to lose thousands, if not hundreds of thousands which would have made for a comfortable and exciting retirement.

A successful SIPP claim is directed at the adviser that gave you the advice, sometimes the SIPP provider, or through the FSCS in the case of insolvency on the part of either of the first two.

The problem for many is easy to identify – like most of the financial services industry, the mis-sold SIPP claims process is stuffed with baffling jargon, complex procedures and difficult points to be argued, dismissed or promoted, as well as taking over several months.

Get Claims Advice SIPP Claims Process


While every case of pension mis-selling is different, each one of our clients benefit from the knowledge, experience and strategy facilitated by our crack team of Case Handlers, making the process as simple, and so your journey to a successful SIPP claim should look a little like this:

Pop in your basic details into our website

We call you back to take the details of your SIPP

We get to work and assess any mis-selling, your ability to claim and make a plan

We handle all the difficult paperwork for your claim - complex for some, a walk in the park for our team of specialists.

We chase the wrongful parties, send letters, make phone calls, do our research and generally fight hard for your claim on your behalf

If successful, your money is returned to you, either through the IFA, SIPP provider, FOS or FSCS - CONGRATULATIONS - You\'ve beaten the big boys and got back what is rightfully yours!

Ready to start your own SIPP claim journey and rescue your money?

If you stand to suffer from a mis-sold SIPP, Get Claims Advice is setup to look after you and your financial claim.

We've no intention of leaving a victim of mis-selling high and dry when it comes to important finances such as their pension - not if we can help it! After all, a pension is hard-worked for and designed to give you the life you've earned in retirement, and we don't rest until we've got the final decision your deserve. 

If you want to pursue your financial claim with all the experience, knowledge and strategy at our disposal, just use the contact form on the right to get in touch for a no-obligation chat and intital assessment.

If we think you've been mis-sold and your ready for us to fight your corner, we can then take your claim on, all on a No Win - No Fee basis*.

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