End Pension Mis-selling | Prevention Better Than Cure

 Our Mission

To END Pension Mis-selling, creating a safe, honest and transparent financial services industry that works in the best interests of all.


 For The Industry

Cause industry changes to legilation and regulation to STOP pension mis-selling in its tracks

Identify and challenge negligent financial advisers

Champion Great Financial Advice


  For The People

 Save People's retirements through increased awareness and education about pension mis-selling so it can be avoided

Rescue people's futures by fighting for financial justice

Why Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It may sound harsh, but pension mis-selling is a lot like a disease, with symptoms, causes, cures and preventative measures:

Who is being mis-sold?

It'll come as no surprise that it's not usually 25 year olds with small pots that get targeted by those mis-selling pensions. Find out about the demographic we've found seems to be most at risk from a mis-sold pension...

Ready To END Pension Mis-Selling?

We're starting the petitions needed to make this happen on our campaign site

Or if you think you've been mis-sold...