Financial Advisers and Mis-Selling

Many of the Financial Advisers who mis-sell pensions, investments and mortgages may do so either out of negligence or out or greed - sometimes a little of both - and the team of specialist Claims Handlers at Get Claims Advice are on a mission to make both a thing of the past, leaving a fairer and more transparent industry.

If you are looking to take action against your financial adviser over a mis-sold pension, SIPP, mortgage or investment, our team are on stand-by for your FREE, No Obligation Initial Assessment to see if you can use our knowledge, experience and strategy to try for a slice of justice on a No Win - No Fee* basis!

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Why Make A Claim Against Your Financial Adviser?

Pension mis-selling in particular has been a growing problem in the UK over the last 6 or 7 years, with estimates that say as many as 50,000 people may have been mis-sold high-risk investments through their SIPP. Justice has to be done!

Many of the financial advice firms (IFAs: Independent Financial Advisers) listed above, we've either already made successful claims against, are in the process of holding them accountable for the negligent financial advice they provided, or we simply want to speak to people who may have transferred pensions or invested with the firm.

We know from experience how much damage a mis-sold financial product such as a pension, SIPP, mortgage or investment can do; retirements held back, working-life extended into old-age and even homes repossessed, and quite simply - we've had enough of it.

We're here to be tough on financial advisers who gave negligent or unfair financial advice with claims put together with thought, care and strategy...

Financial Adviser Claims FAQs

Got a few questions?

Not a problem, either call us up on 01204 205 061, or fill in a contact form to get in touch, or browse some of our FAQ's below!

> What does the FREE Initial Assessment involve?
FREE and with NO OBLIGATION! It's an informal chat on the phone where you can find out about us and our services, and we can learn about your case and get an idea of whether we can help. It could be that we introduce you to one of our Specialist Claims Handlers, who may invite you to come onboard as a client, on a No Win - No Fee* basis, but that choice is up to you! No Obligation means just that!
> What do you charge?

As we said, our Initial Assessments are free of charge, and we can call you to save the phone bill! If you DO have a claim and choose us to take the case on, that will only ever be on a NO WIN - NO FEE* basis. If we get you a result (compensation), we'd charge you a success fee of 24% Inclusive of VAT. You can find more information in our Terms of Business, including examples of how the charging structure works, and about cooling-off periods.

> Where does the compensation come from?

That depends on who gave you the financial advice in the first place! If the financial adviser is still in business, we'll go toe-to-toe with them on your behalf. If they don't play ball, we may then get the FOS (Ombudsman) in (the adviser would still pay if the FOS rules in your favour). 

Finally, if the company doesn't exist anymore, it could be that the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) will put its hand in its pocket if we win the case on your behalf.

> Why choose Get Claims Advice?


With £millions recovered from mis-sold pensions and SIPPs, against a range of different advisers and over a huge number of different investments, we're undoubtedly at the sharp-edge of the fight against financial negligence. You can read more about our track record, our team and our values here

Successful clients come and go as we win back their lost assets, but our drive for justice and passion for doing what's best for our clients never leaves, and we'd like to do the same for you!

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*No Win - No Fee: Your claim is pursued by Get Claims Advice on your behalf with no up-front fees. In the event of a successful claim, our success fee is charged at 24% inclusive of VAT, of any monies awarded. 14 Day “cooling-off” period, after which a cancellation fee is applicable. See Terms of Business for full details.