CIB Life and Pensions in Liquidation...

... Did you take advice to invest in overseas property?

CIB Life and Pensions SIPP Claims

It wasn't a surprise to us when we saw CIB Life & Pensions appear in The Gazette as it went into liquidation on the 20th May 2015, shortly after being “caught out” regarding SIPP suitability rules.

Long-story-short, The Financial Ombudsman found CIB Life & Pensions at fault when they sold unregulated, HIGH RISK investments (in this case, Harlequin properties) to people who were unsuitable, putting their pension at high risk.

But Harlequin properties wasn't the only high-risk overseas property investment CIB Life & Pensions pedaled to those they shouldn't have; if you took advice from CIB Life & Pensions (and especially if you were advised to put your money into overseas resorts) then it might be time to get an important second opinion on that advice to see if you are eligible to make a claim, rebalancing the potential loss and risk exposure of your pension.

Can YOU Make A CIB Life & Pensions Claim?

We've been making successful claims against CIB Life & Pensions advice for some time, and you can find out if you are eligible with our FREE Initial Assessment...

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What did CIB Life & Pensions advise on?

CIB Life and Pensions probably dealt with many different things, but one thing they sure did a lot of was advice on high-risk and non-FCA regulated investment, The Resort Group in Cape Verde

The Resort Group is supposed to be building and operating a range of hotels in Cape Verde such as Dunas and Llana Beach, but some investors have reported patchy results. 

As a non-standard investment, The Resort Group should have only been marketed to certain people...

Reasons To Check Your CIB Advice

IFA in Liquidation

When an IFA goes into administration, the rumour mill often starts as to why. But with CIB Life & Pensions the FOS has already had it's say, and they have been mis-selling

FOS decision found IFA at fault

The Financial Ombudsman Service has already been involved with CIB Life & Pensions and found them to be at fault, paving the way for your potential compensation

Success for Get Claims Advice clients

We've been making claims for our clients about CIB Life & Pensions for a while now, from Harlequin to The Resort Group

Did CIB Life and Pensions mis-sell your SIPP?

Every potential claim needs to be treated on a case-by-case basis, but we do know that CIB Life and Pensions have mis-sold people their SIPPs before, at least through talks at money and business clubs.

One of the best ways to find out for sure if you have been mis-sold is to speak to a professional. At Get Claims advice, we do this part completely for FREE with our initial assessment service. Then, if you want, we can take things forwards to make a claim on a NO WIN - NO FEE basis*, giving you access to our knowledge and experience with No Upfront Costs. 

Are you a 'Sophisticated Investor'?

To recommend an unregulated SIPP investment (such as Harlequin) your IFA must check that you are a sophisticated investor, with knowledge and experience of investing

Are you a 'High Net-Worth Individual'?

Did your adviser check that you were earning over £100k per year, or have assets worth over £250k not including your home and pension? Another stipulation for recommending unregulated investments

Were you informed about risk and regulation?

Some of the investments recommended by CIB were high-risk and unregulated (no safety net). Was it made clear to you that your investment was high-risk? Can you afford to lose it?

These are just SOME of the main failing points commonly seen by the experienced team here at Get Claims Advice. If you suspect you may have been mis-sold your CIB Life & Pensions SIPP investment, checking it out if FREE and you could be able to make a claim on a NO WIN - NO FEE basis*.

With Get Claims Advice, you've nothing to lose by finding out more!

Making A Claim

At Get Claims Advice, we're SIPP Claims Specialists, and every claim we've ever made (which is more than just a few!) started with our FREE Initial Assessment service - a no-obligation chat about what happened with your pension to see if we can move things forward on a NO WIN - NO FEE* basis to get you the justice you deserve...

You can organise that chat now!

*No Win - No Fee: Your claim is pursued by Get Claims Advice on your behalf with no up-front fees. In the event of a successful claim, our success fee is charged at 24% inclusive of VAT, of any monies awarded. 14 Day “cooling-off” period, after which a cancellation fee is applicable. See Terms of Business for full details.