Not another pension scandal! Could you be affected?

Across the UK, people have been given unsuitable advice relating to their pensions, prompting them to transfer them, without fully understanding the consequences.


Cold-callers, marketers and negligent advisers persuaded thousands of people to transfer away from valuable pension schemes. Such advice has led to some pension savers losing important benefits!


With current economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever you should have your personal pension affairs in order, with many people asking themselves, ‘is the State Pension really enough to cover my retirement?’. As it currently only provides £164.35* per week if you have FULL 35 years entitlement.


Many savers have unknowingly lost money through; fees, loss of final salary benefits OR put their retirement funds in jeopardy through risky investments.


Most people don’t realise the potential loss they may have suffered when they transferred, as their new pension statements don’t show what’s been given up.


The UK regulator is stamping out the bad practices, but what about the thousands of people that have already been affected?


Alan, who was mis-sold a final salary pension transfer, missed out on his retirement dream of buying a bar in Thailand. “I could be sitting and enjoying the sun because I should’ve retired, but that dream has gone because my pension is totally zeroed.” Fortunately, Alan was able to make a successful claim with Get Claims Advice.


Alan’s retirement recovery started with a free initial chat with a specialist mis-sold pension assessor at Get Claims Advice – who have won back over £50 Million** from mis-sold pensions on behalf of their clients!


If you transferred your pension for any reason over the last 15 years’ it’s worth speaking with us to find out whether it was suitable for you.


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Have You Transferred Your Pension?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you may be due compensation:
Did you receive a cold call about your pension?
Have you received financial advice in relation to your pension?
Did you ever move your final salary pension?

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Client Stories

Anthony O, 55: Pension: SIPP pension, with one large investment in a land scheme in the South of England

Anthony was advised to invest his pension money in a high-risk and unregulated land-banking scheme in the South of England, and was not told by the marketing firm and the adviser that it was a unsuitable investment for him, his risk profile and circumstances. Get Claims Advice proved otherwise, and Anthony’s case was awarded a figure that’s saved his retirement and really put the smile back on his face!

Was transferring your pension the wrong move?

If you transferred a pension then you may have been mis-sold.

Transfers are often unsuitable if advisers don’t follow the rules, and it is believed that many people have had their <strong”>retirements put at risk or lost money.

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The program focused on SIPP mis-selling, with Get Claims Advice appearing as industry specialists


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