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Have you lost money or been put at risk because of a mis-sold pension, SIPP or mortgage?

Get Claims Advice specialise in mis-sold SIPP claims, and compensation for pension mis-selling.

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If you have been mis-sold your pension, you may be able to use our knowledge, experience and strategy to fight for your claim on a NO WIN – NO FEE* basis.

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Meet our mis-sold SIPP claims specialists

We hire and train our claims handlers from either financial services or legal backgrounds to give our clients the excellent service we believe they deserve.


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Our dedicated team of claims handlers have managed to claim back over £38million* from mis-sold pensions for our clients

We select and train our case-handlers carefully, usually from either financial or legal backgrounds, ensuring our team is fully equipped to deal with your mis-sold pension case.

When you sign up with Get Claims Advice Ltd, you will be assigned a claims handler to manage your case – a single point of contact throughout the process who knows your case inside-out, updating you every step of the way!

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What are the causes of pension mis-selling?

Pensions can be mis-sold for many reasons, but with mis-sold SIPPs, it is usually down to High-Risk Investments.


High-risk investments (usually unregulated by the FCA) should only be offered to people who fit the descriptions below.

If not, pension mis-selling may have taken place, and a potential claim could be made. 

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