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LONDON CAPITAL & FINANCE INVESTORS: Light at the end of the tunnel?

Well we certainly hope so!  Losses for investors now confirmed, as London Capital & Finance plc has failed and is now in administration.

What does this mean for YOU?

At present the FSCS is under the impression that the investors, invested, on a non-advised basis. However, should it be deemed that London Capital & Finance advised clients to invest into these mini-bonds, bondholders could be eligible for up to £50,000 each, under the industry-funded Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This comes after news that London Capital & Finance collapsed with £236m of investors’ money, instigating a criminal investigation.

Campaigners reacted by hitting the streets upon hearing the news, as stakeholders of the scandal are hoping to bring about claims leading to compensation for the aggrieved investors.

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What should YOU do?


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