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Los Pandos Martin Clews Claims

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The Los Pandos Vineyard – Martin Clews Investment looked pretty impressive – from sun-drenched marketing images of the 80 Hectare Los Pandos vineyard, to the outrageously high returns on offer – between 30 – 39%!

Available to invest in as a cash investment, or through a SIPP: Self-Invested Personal Pension, marketing material found online said that Los Pandos was a supposedly “Secure” investment, linked to Martin Clews.

But some UK investors who’d put their pension into the investment weren’t always told the truth: Los Pandos is NOT regulated by the FCA, meaning there’s no help from the FSCS or Ombudsman if something goes wrong with the investment, meaning that it was already HIGH-RISK.

Did you want a high-risk investment? Suitable only for those High Net-Worth Individuals earning over £100k per year? Or Sophisticated Investors?

Few fit the description, so were you mis-sold your Los Pandos Vineyard Investment?

Timeline of events: Los Pandos

2014 - Restructuring Martin Clews

The 30th July 2014 update from Martin Clews told investors:

The Investment “entered 2014 in a great deal of uncertainty caused by the over dependence of our business model on the UK SIPP market that became subject to abrupt and unforeseen restrictions by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA which are still in force today”.

“[…] banks and other financial institutions have been very unwilling to advance credit to even the most robust of commercial projects such as Los Pandos”

2015 - Los Pandos Progress Report

“[…] the value of our assets exceeding liabilities by more than 300%”

“[on last year’s update] This unfortunate situation forced us to seriously consider the possibility of entering into voluntary liquidation”

“Liquidity require to match our current financial liabilities to our investors could be achieved by trading a further portion of shares”

“[…] at this moment in time, we cannot provide an exact date for exit, which is largely controlled by the actions of third parties, but we are very confident that the first part of a multi-stage process to return funds to our investors should commence within the next few weeks!”

2016 - Construction Group For Asia

A construction group from Asia wrote a letter of intent:

“[…] a very large international construction group from Asia has already provided a Letter of Intention regarding the acquisition of equity in the Project.”

“We are ready to propose a realistic scenario for reimbursement of investments to those of you who have been temporarily postponed” – despite being told it would just be “weeks” in 2015?

“We will take this opportunity to identify and discuss several false and unjustified rumours about the project. […] Please note that those rumours come from a very small group of individuals who have been more interested in hindering progress and consequently delaying the resolution for themselves”

 In a further update later in 2016:

“We wish to emphasise once again that it is our intention to adhere to our original proposed schedule as depicted in the March 16th update to our SIPP investors, when we indicated the deadline to instigate the repayment process would commence in the final quarter of 2016”

2016 - Shortage of Financial Resources

2017 brought at least 3 updates to investors, and it wasn’t all good:

Feb: “In preparation for the reimbursement process, we need to update our files accordingly and so you will be contact either directly or through your financial representative for this information over the next few weeks”

June: Further requests for ID, addresses and bank details of investors.

Sept: In response to the question “Why have you been unable to return my investment as previously state on more occasions?”

“For the reasons explained above the rhythms in the progress of this huge Project do not occur randomly or coinciding neither with our will. […] continuous instability of financial markets […] failure or delay in obtaining loans […] shortage of financial resources […]”

Did you know, we’ve made successful claims involving Los Pandos?

We’ve been round the block a bit when it comes to SIPP claims, and recovered over £38million* for our clients in the process

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