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The ABC bonds are now in administration, and more to the point, may have been mis-sold to many investors who may now be able to make a claim.

  • Did you receive a Cold Call about your pension?
  • Did you then transfer into a SIPP pension to invest in ABC?
  • Were you advised that his was a high-risk investment?
  • Were you assessed for your suitability?

The ABC bonds were always a high risk investment, and while the money was supposed to be used to purchase, renovate and realise properties for profit” and sounded good, now both the UK sides of the investment are in administration.

Timeline of events: ABC Bonds

2012 - Alpha Business Centres

ABC Alpha Business Centres UK Limited is formed, setup to purchase and renovate property to turn a profit.

Best Asset Management Ltd is listed as a director.

2016 - Best Asset Resigns

Best Asset Management resigns on the 14th July 2016

2017 - Administration

A notice placed in The Gazette states that the firm has entered administration on 20 Jan 2017.

Did you know, we’ve made successful claims for mis-sold Bonds before?

If you needed any more reason to choose us to take forward your claim, we’ve seen success in the past with claims involving mis-sold bonds

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How could the ABC bonds have been mis-sold?

As they are high-risk investments, IFAs have rules to follow when recommending them.

If you don’t fit the descriptions below, you may have been mis-sold…

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    Do you have a wealth of knowledge and experience in investing?

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    Do you earn in excess of £100,000 per annum?

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    Or do you own £250,000 worth of investable assets?

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