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It’s been a difficult year for “troubled” investor firm Beaufort Securities, and several developments in Feb & March 2018 mean that it looks to get a lot worse.

The story (for those who are interested) is long, but we’ve condensed it on this page so you can understand what’s happened, and why if you have a Beaufort Securities account, you may want to look at making a claim for negligent financial advice if you can.


Beaufort had around £700m under management when some of it was frozen after a joint FCA and FBI investigation. This could mean it is made difficult to get your cash out!


Quite dramatically, the Beaufort Securities story heated up after an undercover FBI sting in which defendants related to Beaufort were apparently attempting to launder money, involving a Picasso painting.


Beaufort Securities no-longer has authorisation to conduct regulated financial activities.


All this has resulted in Beaufort Securities entering into Administration, after being declared insolvent by the UK finance bosses.

Timeline of events: Beaufort Securities

2013 - Name Change

Long running firm HB Markets Limited changes it’s name to Beaufort Securities Limited.

2017 - September

An Ombudsman decision told Beaufort to pay a client compensation for mis-sold high-risk investments as part of a DFM portfolio.

Beaufort agrees to restrict it’s FCA authorisation, and “Ceases to accept new money or assets”.

Beaufort also wrote out to some clients, in an apparent attempt to shift blame onto their financial advisers.

2018 - March

It was revealed that a joint investigation between US prosecutors, the FCA and the FBA had been led into Beaufort Securities, in related to Securities Fraud.

It resulted in an FBI sting, and people related to Beaufort charged with £36m worth of Securities Fraud.

Beaufort Securities entered into administration.

2018 - Update

October 2018 brought us an update: the administrator’s report said that approximately 600 additional mis-selling claims had been made against Beaufort, predominantly relating to poor investment advice.

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