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Whatever that cold-caller told you when they advised you to transfer your pension into a SIPP to invest in Gas Verdant Australian Farm Land, the truth of the matter is like all farm investments outside the UK, Gas Verdant was always a HIGH RISK and UNREGULATED investment, sat outside of the jurisdiction of the FCA, meaning there’s no cavalry on the way from the FSCS or FOS. At least, not for problems with the investment itself…

But if you took advice from a regulated financial adviser as part of the transfer and investment process, you may have a way to recover your financial losses with a winning claim – and that’s where we come in…

Gas Verdant by Global Agricultural Services Ltd was marketed by several unregulated introducers, including TPS Land and CL&P Brokers, and advised on by several Independent financial advisers as a good SIPP investment – something to put your money into for some impressive returns – safe and secure.

But really, investments that are not regulated by the FCA are high-risk, suitable only for people earning enough to recover their losses, or experienced enough to carry the risk.

The investment plan was to take investor capital raised through the SIPPs and cash investments and use it to buy farmland in Australia. Investor’s were told they would benefit from some pretty amazing-looking returns from the sale of the crops grown on the land. But these returns didn’t always come to fruition, leaving many out of pocket. In some cases, the FSCS now values the investment at £Zero.

Timeline of events: Gas Verdant Claims

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2015 - First Ombudsman Claim

Detailed in FOS decision DRN4873602  Mr W complained that financial advisers at Douglas Baillie Limited gave him bad advice to invest in Gas Verdant through his SIPP.

The Ombudsman ruled in Mr W’s favour because of investment risk suitability rules.

2016 - More Claims

In 2016, the FOS decided again that Gas Verdant had been mis-sold to a SIPP investor, this time by Affinity Financial Advisors Ltd. You can read up on decision DRN9588739

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