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Green Oil Plantations was a UK based investment set up to fund Australian Mellettia tree plantations, with the idea of harvesting oil from these trees to produce bio-fuel and other agricultural products for profit.

But if you’re a Green Oil Plantations investor, you probably know all that… instead, you’re probably asking “what the didgeridoo happened to my money?!”

Well, although £24million was invested in Green Oil Plantations, we know from the liquidator’s and administrators documents that £3.5m was paid in commissionto sales agents who introduced investors to the scheme – that works out at around 15% commission per sale – do you know how much YOUR introducer was paid?

The reports also say that…

“By the end of March 2013 the limited funds left in the companies were insufficient to fund the plantation 
to the point of first harvest and to meet the contractual investor returns. 
As a consequence, the directors concluded that the companies were insolvent.”

Timeline of events: Green Oil Plantations

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2010 - Formation

Green Oil Plantations forms, later to operate through 2 companies: GOPL and GOPAL, and the Australian side: Green Oil Plantations Holdings Pty Ltd (GOPH).

2010 - 2013 - SIPPs

Between 2010 and 2013, the UK side marketing the investment via several marketing firms and Financial Advisers to move money into SIPP pensions so the investments could be made.

£24m was raised in total.

2013 - Continued

The firm went into Administration, and then liquidation. As per the available documentation, no money was generated from the Millettia plantation by this time. Minimal funds were acquired from farm building rental.

By March, the company was insolvent.


While many investors have claimed for having been mis-sold Green Oil Plantations in the first place, many may not yet realise they can claim.

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How was Green Oil Plantations mis-sold?

It was already a high-risk investment, and financial advisers had rules to follow.

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