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Land Banks & Scams

Land Banking is where you buy a plot of land in the hope (or knowledge) that the land is likely to increase in value when somebody later wants to buy it and develop it.

There are plenty of investment companies out there offering land banking investments, some of which are considered by some pension providers and financial advisers to be suitable for SIPP pensions.

But Land-banking investments are high-risk investments, that are unregulated by the FCA and in some cases, are outright scams.

The financial services watchdogs even built a page warning against the practice, as sometimes the same plot of land is sold over and over again to different people.

It is thought that Land Banking schemes may cost UK investors up to £200m.

Not all land banks are scams, but they are ALL high-risk and unregulated, with many investors having been mis-sold, which may mean they can claim…

Did you know, we’ve made successful claims over land banking investments before?

If you needed any more reason to choose us to take forward your claim, we’ve seen success in the past with mis-sold land-banking claims


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How do I know if I’ve been mis-sold?

We’d need to assess your case properly to know if you’ve been sold, but if you invested in land but didn’t fit any of the criterion below, there’s a chance you may be able to make a claim…

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