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The Stirling Mortimer overseas property funds were often mis-sold to SIPP investors, who were not always properly assessed for this high-risk and unregulated investment.

Stirling Mortimer’s story got more complicated, when the Serious Fraud Office accepted an investigation into the funds’ operation in 2012 after multiple allegations of Fraud.

The SFO investigation was closed 6 years later because there was “no prospect of obtaining sufficient evidence to bring charges in this matter”.

Funds investigated were:

Stirling Mortimer No.4 Cape Verde
Stirling Mortimer No.6 Morocco
Stirling Mortimer No.7 Cape Verde II

Fraud allegations or not, many people were persuaded to invest their retirement funds in this high-risk investment through SIPP pensions, and may still be able to claim.

Timeline of events: Stirling Mortimer

2005 - Stirling Mortimer Founded

Stirling Mortimer is created in September 2005, with Timothy Michael Clink as director, amongst others.

2012 - SFO opens investigation

Due to allegations of fraud, the SFO launched an investigation into three funds operated by Stirling Mortimer Global Property Fund PCC, looking at activities between 2007 and 2011.

2018 - Closing of Investigation

After 6 years, there was insufficient evidence to press ahead with fraud charges, but this did not change that many of the funds were valued at zero, meaning many investors had lost their money.

Many have already claimed, but there may be others.

2010 - Company...

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