Mis-sold Storage pods...

An empty store pod could lead to an empty SIPP account...

Storage Pods SIPP Investment

Investments in Storage Pods

Storage pods (or simply Store Pods) are often sold as real money makers for investors, with some schemes claiming to have the highest yielding returns within the commercial property sector.

Because of this, Storage Pods looked extremely attractive to some SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) keepers too, with many having signed up and invested their money with British based Store Pod Firms. 

How Storage Pod Investments Work

We’ve all seen the big, usually brightly coloured warehouses by the side of the dual carriage way, motorway, or on industrial and commercial parks, usually with a big sign that says “STORAGE”. Well in most cases, that’s exactly what we are talking about – large segmented warehouses that feature a huge range of rental space for people to store away anything from furniture to electronics, shop-keepers stock and all sorts of non-perishable goods.

Sometimes used by students living away from home and a whole host of other people (in theory) who require cheap and flexible storage, most Store Pod SIPP Providers and IFA’s sell them as a relatively secure investment, with plenty of stats to seemingly back this up.

But what people aren't always aware of, is that Store Pods are HIGH-RISK Investments, is that what you wanted when you were advised to invest?

Unhappy With Your Store Pod Investment? Ready To Make A Claim?

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Mis-Sold Storage Pod Investments

Like any industry, there are those schemes that are run successfully, and those that fly by the seat of their pants, adding extra risk factors that may not have been made evident by your financial adviser, exposing your retirement fund to much greater jeopardy than you may have been aware of.

Likewise, and this goes for almost any sizeable pension investment, your IFA may not have checked your SIPP suitability in the first place, possibly making you eligible to make a claim to rescue your money back from the brink.

How do we know all this? We're specialists in mis-sold SIPP investments, and have been making successful claims over mis-sold store pod investments for a good while now!

If all this sounds worrying familiar, you can have Get Claims Advice run a No-Obligation assessment of your Storage Pod investment to see if you can make a claim from your IFA, SIPP Provider or FSCS, putting your cash back in your pocket to put to better use...

Why YOU Should Make A Mis-Sold Storage Pods Claim

Negligent Advice

The advice your received from your financial advisor may not have given you the full picture, and many IFAs have been closed down for giving bad advice about Store Pod Investments

Risk Assessment 

Your IFA and SIPP Provider should have completed a risk and suitability assessment for you to make sure a Store Pod investment was right, but many didn't, putting your money at risk

Greedy Commissions

One of the reasons many people get pressured into a Store Pod investment by an IFA is the amount of commission they get for selling it. Should your money be put at unnecessary risk because of someone else's greed?

Uneasy Returns

Unlike more secure investments, Store Pods only make money if they are being used by a customer, and if empty due to poor management, high prices or bad advertising, your investment might make nothing

Free investigation

Get Claims Advice will investigate your IFA and Investment for signs of mis-selling completely free of charge, and will pursue your claim to the ends of the earth if you want us to, working hard on your behalf

No Win - No Fee*

With Get Claims Advice, you don't pay us if we aren't successful with your claim, and with no obligation you have nothing to lose by checking if your investment was mis-sold, and everything to gain

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