Storage Pod SIPP Investments

Thousands of people may have been persuaded to transfer their pensions into SIPPs in order to invest in Storage Pod investments such as the Store First scheme, and many have been eligible to make a claim for negligent financial advice.

Phonecalls offering a free pension review made by many marketing firms and call centres told people that storage pods investments would earn them a fortune for their retirement if they invested through Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), but we know from experience that many people were mis-sold storepods by their financial adviser, as they were unaware that they were making a high-risk investment.

The team of mis-sold SIPP specialists at Get Claims Advice Ltd have been working hard over the past few years to undo some of that damage by fighting for claims on behalf of their clients, and have often been successful, having recovered £millions from storepod investments and other high-risk schemes.

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Get Claims Advice are an established company specialising in mis-sold SIPP claims and claimed back a grand total of more than £37 million for clients.

Our Success with Storepod Investment Claims Is A Point Of Pride

Take a look at some real-life claims we've made before!


How Storage Pod Investments Work

The premise is simple: An investment of however-much buys you a storage-pod, which when rented out by the company, pays you a return on your investment.

But, what many people appear not to have been told, is that Storage Pod Investments are UNREGULATED by the Financial Conduct Authority, making them a high-risk investment that could become illiquid (difficult to sell).

Reasons To Make A Storage Pod Investment Claim

Negligent Advice

The advice you recieved from your adviser may not have been in your best interests, and many IFAs have been close down over the advice they gave about Storage Pod investments

Greedy Commissions

Many call centre agents and introducers to storage pod investments earned a small fortune for persuading people to invest. 

Free Initial Assessment

With Get Claims Advice Ltd, it doesn't cost you to get a professional opinion on whether you have been mis-sold, just get in touch

Your Money Could Be At Risk

Whether you've already lost money through your Storage Pod investment, or stand to lose some due to the extra risk you've been exposed to, acting on it could mean the difference between the retirement you want, and something different...

StorePod Investments Timeline

2012 Updates

Cold Calls & Pension Reviews

Thousands and thousands of cold-calls appear to have been made, usually offering a "free pension review" in order to ultimately persuade people to move their pensions into a SIPP in order to invest...
Through our work with mis-sold Storepods clients, we know of several firms that made calls from about 2011 onwards, usually offering free pension reviews. Many of these companies no-longer operate, but include...

CL&P Brokers

Jackson Francis

Storefirst Winding Up Orders

In 2017, winding up orders were served to one high-risk storage pod investment...
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*Figures accurate as of 05.06.18 - calculated before the deduction of fees charged at 24% inclusive of vat.