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In January 2018, Bartholomew Hawkins, a financial advice firm created in 2005, was named in an article as one of the 13 firms that were no-longer allowed to give advice on Final Salary pension transfers since 2015.

All financial advice companies that want to be able to give people advice on the complexities of whether it is suitable to transfer their valuable final salary pension need to be regulated to do so by the FCA, in an effort to ensure that they stick to the rules and give advice in their client’s best interests.

But if the FCA has cause for concern of the advice a firm gives, it can restrict their ability to give advice, and following a visit from the FCA in 2017, Bartholomew Hawkins Ltd ceased giving DB pension transfer advice.

If you transferred your final salary or other type of defined pension with Bartholomew Hawkins, you can have your advice checked by our specialist case assessors. It could be that you are able to make a claim.

Timeline of events: Bartholomew Hawkins Ltd

2005 - Company Forms

Bartholomew Hawkins is registered as a limited company in Jan 2005, and is based in Cardiff, South Wales.

2017 - Restricted by the FCA

Following interaction with the FCA, Bartholomew Hawkins ‘took the decision to stop providing advice in this area [pension transfers] for the time being. The decision was based on feedback from the FCA surrounding the process used for giving advice in this area’.

2015 - FOS Decision

In a 2015 decision by the Financial Ombudsman Service, a client of the firm had their complaint upheld over investment advice.

Did you know, less than 50% of transfer advice reviewed was declared suitable?

The FCA recently reviewed 154 pension transfers as part of an investigation into IFAs in 2018, and found less than 50% to have received suitable advice.

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