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Railway Pension Transfer Claims

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Many people who have Railway Pensions in the UK may not be aware of how potentially valuable their pension scheme really is.

Defined Benefits pensions or Final Salary pensions are considered both rare and often extremely beneficial for their members, and some former and current Railway employees may have these types of pensions.

Pensions like these promise a guaranteed income in retirement, one that is index-linked and will pay out right up until death, no matter how many decades you remain retired for – a great benefit for those who have worked on our nation’s railways.

But many people are still persuaded to transfer their railway pension to a private, and often more riskier arrangement.


Every year, thousands of people give up their final salary pension benefits, and for a number or reasons.

Perhaps they are promised more money elsewhere? Or maybe they are scared that their scheme will collapse and leave them with nothing to retire on?

While there are sometimes some good reasons to transfers, these situations are rare, often involving shortened life expectancies, or situations where there is no spouse or dependants to look after with Death In Service benefits, many people are given negligent financial advice when it comes to their final salary pension transfer, which may put them at risk in the long-run.


Final salary pensions are often regarded as some of the safest around. All the risk and responsibility for paying retirees and generating the money to do so rests on the shoulders of the pension trustees.

But by taking a CETV and transferring the cash amount away from the pension into a personal setup like a SIPP, SSAS, QROPs or any other personal pension, that risk is often transferred onto the shoulders of the individual.

More than that, people who transferred their pension will now likely have to pay annual fees to run the pension, as well as risk their retirement fund on an often volatile market. While some people may be able to make more money for retirement, this is done at risk, and sometimes that risk becomes real, and people lose tens of thousands.


If you’ve transferred your railway pension, then you may have lost money in the long run, may have been mis-sold, and may be able to make a claim.

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What makes a pension transfer mis-sold?

Moving a final salary or other defined benefit pension is rarely advisable, except in certain situations. While moving your pension may earn your adviser big fees and commissions, you may lose more than you hoped:

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a Sophisticated investor
INCOME IN RETIREMENT Final Salary & other defined benefits pensions practically guarantee you an income in retirement. Does your new pension do that? Doubtful…
INFLATION Defined Benefits pensions tend to keep pace with inflation, meaning no matter what happens to the economy, you’re retirement income is better protected.
High net worth individual
DEATH BENEFITS These types of pensions usually end up with your partner or children if you die early. Many personal pensions give no-such benefits.

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