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Alderley Asset Management

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Alderley Asset Management, based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire is financial advice firm well known to the team of mis-sold SIPP specialists at Get Claims Advice Ltd.

Articles about Alderley Asset Management began to appear in 2014, which reported that the firm was “hit by mis-selling claims” and was forced to go into administration due to this, with such claims totalling or exceeding 18 at the time.

The business has since been declared in default with the FSCS, and we’ve been working on Claims against Alderley Asset Management every since, with great overall success, and if you took advice from Alderley Asset Management our team are ready for a FREE enquiry about your claim options.

Previously operating under the names of Bankhall Financial Services and Sterling Wealth Management, Alderley Asset Management is know to have advised people to transfer pensions into SIPPs in order to invest in high-risk investments like Ethical Forestry, Overseas Property and Premier Children’s Services.

The FCA de-authorised Alderley back in 2014, and if you took their pension advice, you may be able to make a claim.

Timeline of events: Alderley Asset Management

1997 - Alderley

Alderley Asset Management formed originally as Danefind Limited.

2014 - De-Authorisation

By 2014, the watchdogs at the FCA had caught up with the activities of Alderley Asset Management, and de-authorised them from conducting regulated financial activities… like pension transfers and switches.

2014 - Administration

2014 also say Alderley Asset Management enter into insolvency proceedings, which finished in February 2015

Did you know, we’ve won claims for former Alderley Asset Management clients before.

We’ve been battling on behalf of Alderley clients for years, and are happy to say we’ve won many claims against the pensin advice this firm gave.

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What makes a mis-sold pension?

Lots of things! But with Alderley, we know from experience that while they dealt with high-risk investments, they didn’t always follow suitability rules.
If you don’t fit the descriptions below, but Alderley advised you move to a SIPP and invest in something overseas, then you may have been mis-sold.


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