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Henderson Carter Associates and Mis-Sold SIPPs

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Did Henderson Carter have a hand in your pension transfer into a SIPP?

Many can tell a similar tale, and many of those people were mis-sold their SIPP pensions and investments.

Henderson Carter Associates is no longer operating, having lost it’s FCA permissions, meaning it must “cease all pension business” especially where “Holistic Wealth Management, Hennessy Jones Limited and City Administration Limited” are concerned, or where business is in relation to “pension switches and/or pension transfers to any self-invested personal pension (SIPP)”.

We know from experience that Henderson Carter was involved in high-risk investments, such as Carbon Credits and The AIGO Fund.

As of March 2017, Henderson Carter Associates Limited is in liquidation.

Timeline of events: Henderson Carter Associates

2009 - Henderson & Dumbleton Limited

Henderson Carter Associates started life in 2009 under the name Henderson & Dumbleton Limited, before changing the name in October 2010.

2016 - Cease Pension Transfers

In September 2016, the FCA let it be known that 3 financial advice firms had been told to cease all pension transfers, and told not to dispose of any assets with prior consent.

One of those firms was Henderson Carter. Another was Financial Page – another firm linked to the selling of the AIGO funds.

2017 - Declared in Default

In April 2017, the FSCS declared that Henderson Carter Associates was in Default, along with another 11 firms.

This meant that the FSCS was reasonably assured that Henderson Carter could no-longer pay compensation to former clients, and that the FSCS would consider claims made against them.

2018 - FSCS bill hits £6m

February 2018 – the FSCS released information that shows they had paid out almost £6m for the advice of Henderson Carter and Financial Page regarding SIPP pensions and high-risk investments.

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How do high-risk investments like AIGO get mis-sold?

High-risk investments might be suitable for people if they earn enough money to afford risking it, or have enough investment experience to manage that investment.
If you don’t fit any of the descriptions below, but Henderson Carter advised you go into a SIPP, then you may have been mis-sold.


Do you have a wealth of knowledge and experience in investing?


Do you earn in excess of £100,000 per annum?


Or do you own £250,000 worth of investable assets?

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