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Serenus Consulting Limited

Did you transfer a pension with Serenus Consulting Limited

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While many financial advisers are happy to give provide their client’s with pension advice, not every company gives suitable advice 100% of the time, meaning that some clients may be worse off or put at risk because of this.

Serenus Consulting Limited is one firm that is known to have given unsuitable pension advice in the past, having been found at fault by the Financial Ombudsman over advice it gave to Miss S over the transfer of an occupational pension into a SIPP, with investments in Store First Ltd – an unregulated, high-risk investment.

Miss S was giving up a pension with guaranteed benefits, too.

In case DRN0463672, Miss S was cold-called by a marketing company, and introduced to Serenus Consulting Limited to receive advice. The advice was determined to be unsuitable by the FOS and the company was told to pay compensation.

Now, Serenus has applied to cancel it’s FCA authorisation, and has a note on it’s register entry to say that it much cease all regulated activities.

If you took pension advice form Serenus Consulting Limited, then you may have been mis-sold. Contact the team at Get Claims Advice Ltd to see if you can make a claim.

Timeline of events: Serenus Consulting Ltd

Feb 2010: Formation

Serenus Consulting begins life in Cheshire in April 2010, and becomes regulated the same year.

2017: Applied to cancel

According to the sub-status of the firm on the FCA register, Serenus applied to cancel it’s permissions in October 2017.

June 2018: Insolvency

Serenus enters into a CVA (Corporate Voluntary Arrangement)

Oct 20182018: FOS Decision

In October 2018, the FOS decision upheld against the firm is published on the financial ombudsman website.

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