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Total Wealth Solutions and SIPPs

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Total Wealth Solutions Ltd received at least 3 complaints about their pension advice before closing down, forcing the Financial Ombudsman to rule against them in each of those 3 cases.

Now listed as in “liquidation”, Total Wealth Solutions Ltd is no-longer operating, and is no-longer authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In June 2017, Total Wealth Solutions was the subject of a media article, chronicling how the Bedfordshire-based firm was being wound-up voluntarily, and how it was connected to the Green Retirement Pension Plan.


Back in Feb 2017, 76 members of the Green Retirement Pension Plan received letters actually recommending that they make a claim against the financial adviser that recommended the scheme.

This letter came from the Green Retirement Pension Plan itself!

Why? Because those 76 people were invested into the Para Sky Plantation: A part of Global Forestry Investments, which has been under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office since 2015.

Always a high-risk investment, GFI and therefore some investments in the GRPP were NOT suitable for some people, and those people may be able to make a claim.

Timeline of events: Total Wealth Solutions

2004 - Total Wealth Solutions Ltd

Total Wealth was formally registered on the 24 June 2004.

2015 - SFO Investigation

The Serious Fraud Office opens its investigation in Global Forestry Investments.

2016 - FOS Decision

In decision DRN0142614 the Ombudsman upheld a complaint from Mr H about Total Wealth Solutions advice to invest in the Green Retirement Plan, and asked them to pay compensation.

2017 - Collapse

In June 2017, the media pointed out that Total Wealth Solutions had now gone into liquidation.

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