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Global Plantations Limited SIPP Claims

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Like other forestry investments based in far-off countries, Global Plantations Limited investments were always a HIGH RISK, non-standard asset, and if sold to the wrong investor who doesn’t have the capacity for loss or the “sophisticated investor” experience to manage their pension properly, it could effect their retirement plans.

Non-Standards Assets are often high-risk, and as of June 2017, Global Plantations Limited has entered into insolvency proceedings. Many investors were advised to invest their newly transferred SIPP Pensions, and had hung their retirement dreams on Global Plantations becoming a success.

Especially now that Global Plantations in in Liquidation.

But Independent Financial Advisers sometimes get things wrong, sometimes drastically, and if YOU invested in Global Plantations Limited’s forestry investments in Malaysia and Bali, you may be eligible to make a claim on a NO WIN – NO FEE* basis.

We’re here to help you do just that…

Timeline of events: Global Plantations

2010 - Global Plantations Formed

Global Plantations Limited formed in March, in Waterlooville, Hampshire.

2016 - Cherish Wealth Management Liquidates

Cherish Wealth Management – a firm known to have advised on Global Plantations investments through SIPP pensions, goes into Liquidation.

2017 - Liquidation

Finally, Global Plantations received a court order to Wind Up, and entered into Liquidation.

Did you know, we’ve had success with Global Plantations SIPP claims before.

If you needed any more reason to choose us to take forward your claim, we’ve rescued money for people who have been mis-sold Global Plantations before…

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What makes a high-risk investment mis-sold?

There are serious rules about who high-risk investments should be marketed to. A financial adviser should be checking that you fit at least one of these descriptions before recommending something like Global Plantations…


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