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Sustainable Agro Energy Fraud

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Many people were told they’d be better off if they traded their pensions in for a Self-Invested Personal Pension: SIPP), and invest in Sustainable Agroenergy, helping to create a cleaner, greener world while making some healthy promised returns.

Now it’s in liquidation

Sustainable Agro Energy was sold on the premise that investors’ money would be placed into green-oil plantations in Cambodia – jatropha trees that would produce green biofuels for a number of uses, a seemingly great alternative to crude-oil based energy.

But Sustainable Agro Energy turned out to be more than a little bit of a stinker, with the Serious Fraud Office putting a Freeze Order on the company in 2012, moving swiftly to sentence Stuart Stone to 6 years in jail in December 2014 after earning around £3.1m in commission and leaving investors with nothing.

Over £23m of British investor capital was poured into Sustainable Agro Energy in good faith, on the promise of healthy and earth-friendly returns for the future.

Can you claim for having been mis-sold?

Timeline of events: Sustainable AgroEnergy

2009 - Company Formed

Sustainable Agroenergy P.L.C was formed on the 26 March 2009, and called itself Carbon Credited Farming PLC for the first 2 years.

2012 - Serious Fraud Office

In 2012, things got messy

2013 - Liquidation

In March 2013, Sustainable Agroenergy entered into liquidation.

2014 - Stuart Stone Sentenced

Stuart Stone was sentenced to 6 years for his part in the fraud.

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