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First Review Pension Services & Cape Verde Investments

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Now officially dissolved as of the 12th Sept 2017, First Review Pension Services Limited operated from it’s Derbyshire offices, and appears to have generated huge numbers of phone calls, appointments and other marketing efforts in order to organise pension reviews, together with another firm, Lifestyle Connections.

While a pension review should include as many suitable options as needed in an unbiased manner, BBC’s Panorama program on July 11 2016 unravelled how First Review Pension Services was set up to be the “sales and marketing arm” of The Resort Group – a non-FCA regulated and high-risk hotel investment in Cape Verde.

Using undercover filming techniques, the Panorama program showed how one consultant within the group said that “all of the options I deal with involve The Resort Group”…

Based in the Cape Verde islands in otherwise stunning areas such as Dunas Beach, The Resort Group investment is NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and therefore should only be recommended to people who can both understand and afford the risks involved in non-standard investments, including the lack of compensation for problems with the investment itself.

Anything else, and they might have been mis-sold, and could make a claim.

Timeline of events: First Review Pension Services

2007 - TRG is born

The Resort Group was created in 2007, and registered in Gibraltar.

2012 - First Review Pension Services

First Review Pension Services itself was created in June 2012, with a director at the helm who was also a director at The Resort Group UK Limited between March 2012 and July 2014.

2016 - BBC Panorama

First Review Pension Services is mentioned as part of The Resort Group’s “Sales and marketing arm”, and undercover filming is broadcast on the BBC.

2017 - Dissolved

In September 2017, First Review Pension Services was dissolved. The Resort Group commented in response to the BBC Panorama program that the decision to stop FRPS from trading was made before the documentary.

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How are overseas property investments mis-sold?

There are strict rules about high-risk investments, enforced by the FCA.
If you invested in The Resort Group but don’t fit any of the descriptions listed below, you may have been mis-sold, and could potentially claim.

a Sophisticated investor
SOPHISTICATED INVESTOR Do you have a wealth of knowledge and experience in investing?
HIGH NET-WORTH 1 Do you earn in excess of £100,000 per annum?
High net worth individual
HIGH NET-WORTH 2 Or do you own £250,000 worth of investable assets?

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