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Carey Pensions & SIPP Claims

Carey Pensions is a SIPP provider in the UK, and has been an occasional focus of the pensions mis-selling scandal that has plagued the UK over the last 10 years.

Like most Self-Invested Personal Pensions, the SIPPs on offer from Carey Pensions have been known to host high-risk investments, such as Storage Pods and other such non-standard investments.

In some cases, these pensions may have been mis-sold, and the pension holders put at risk by the investments inside.

This could be down to cold-calling by pension introducers, or by negligent financial advisers.

Carey Pensions has been involved in a High-Court case to determine whether they were negligent in accepting pension switch business from a company the FCA had a warning out against, which resulted in some clients investing in high-risk investments they don’t appear to be suitable for.

If successful, the high court ruling could open to the door to further claims against SIPP providers.

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Carey Pensions timeline of events

2009 - Carey Pensions

Carey Pensions UK LLP formed in April 2009.

2018 - 'In Bed With Scammers'

Carey Pensions lawyers in the high-court defending allegations from some clients that they were “in bed with scammers”.

2018 - Moving high-risk pensions

Feb 2018 revealed that Carey Pensions was regrouping what was called “distressed assets” into one “book”. This included those pensions with High-Risk investments and those that were now valued at £zero. 

Carey Pensions denied this was being done to prep for a sale of the company or books.

2018 - Carey Pensions For Sale

Despite denying that February’s asset shakeup was in preparation for a sale, May 2018 brought the news that Carey Pensions was up for sale as it reported losses for the second year in a row.

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