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Guinness Mahon & SIPP Claims

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Guinness Mahon is a provider of SIPP pensions, regulated to do so in the UK, and occasional a focal point of the mis-sold pensions scandal.

SIPPs can be a great way to save for retirement, but they can sometimes feature high-risk investments that aren’t suitable for everyone.

In some cases, these investments can go wrong, leaving people with SIPP accounts worth nothing.

Guinness Mahon has been mentioned in the financial press, related to the mis-selling of the AIGO funds by Financial Page Ltd.


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Timeline of events: Guinness Mahon

1980 - Company Formed

Guinness Mahon Pension Fund Trustees Limited formed in Oct 1980 registered in the UK

2016 - Exposure to AIGO

3 financial advice firms, BankHouse, Financial Page and Henderson Carter, all lose permission to transfer pensions over mis-selling allegations, the AIGO fund and sometimes in relation to Guinness Mahon.

2018 - Facing Claims

By June 2018, Guinness Mahon were facing potential claims too. It was alleged that Guinness Mahon had worked with unregulated introducers to bring in a business and invest in high-risk, non standard investments. At least 20 claims were being prepared against Guinness Mahon. The pensions were generally transferred between 2013 and 2016.

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