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Stadia Trustees SIPPs and SSASs

Stadia Trustees is now in liquidation, after being embroiled in a pension mis-selling and due diligence scandal.

Together with Brooklands and Monpelier Pensions, Stadia Trustees adds to the estimated 150+ claims against SIPP firms, set to be paid out by the FSCS.

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Mattiolo Woods

Many people who used to have a Stadia pension got moved to another provider: Mattioli woods.

About 1000 clients’ assets are known to have moved to Mattioli Woods, around 80% of which had involved high-risk investments – the problem in the first place.

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Stadia timeline of events

2006 - Company Creation

Stadia Trustees Limited is formed on the 22 March 2006.

2013 - Removed Permissions

In 2013, the FCA register updated for Stadia Trustees with a clear instruction: “Cease to accept all new regulated business”. This meant the firm would not be opening any new pensions.

2016 - Mattioli Woods takes over

Another SIPP provider, Mattioli Woods was appointed to administer the remaining Stadia SIPPs, including such like the Munro SIPP, Investor Club SIPP and others.

2018 - FSCS to payout

News came in that the FSCS was to payout for failed Stadia Trustee SIPPs that had been invested in high-risk investments.

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