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Many people were told their off-plan Spanish Property investments would be life-changing decisions, but many simply weren’t built or suffered huge delays, despite money being paid upfront. But there could be a way to reclaim your Spanish property deposit.


The big financial crash of 2008/09 put the nail in the coffin for many building projects in Spain, with many developments never reaching completion or even ‘breaking ground’. Many people were told their deposit got swallowed up by black hole, never to be refunded…


But in 2015, many were given hope. A Spanish legal ruling meant that people who lost their deposits on Spanish properties that were never built may now be able to make a claim. The process can be long, and involves knowledge of Spanish law and legal processes, but it is now possible.

So can you make a claim with help from a specialist Spanish property claim team?

Landmark Ruling

2015 marked the time when these sorts of claims could be put forward, after the Spanish legal system opened the door to deposit claims.

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Individual Claims

While some firms try to ship your claim together with other similar claimants, our team’s approach is individual to your case.

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