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Were you persuaded to spend you money in a Spanish timeshare? Hundreds of Thousands of people across the UK were told through brochures, leaflets, cold-calls and seminars that a timeshare investment would give them cheap holidays for life – not something to be sniffed at!


But while some may have worked out fine, many timeshare off-plan developments were never finished, or even broke ground, while many were simply mis-sold because of lengthy contracts, hidden maintenance fees and more.


Check out some of these potential causes for a mis-sold contract, that could mean you can make a timeshare compensation claim.

50 Year+ Contracts

If your timeshare contracts lasts more than 50 years, an “in perpetuity” contract, or one that lasts well beyond your life expectancy, then you may have a strong case for a timeshare compensation claim.

Floating Weeks Contracts

Were you given a range of weeks where you may access the property? Many of these contracts have now been deemed illegal, and you may have a claim.

Mis-Sold Timeshares

More generally mis-selling rules apply, such as insufficient cooling-off period, properties not built, and more factors that could add up to a mis-sold timeshare.

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