Our Pension Claims Process

As experienced pension mis-selling claim specialists, we know a thing or two about making mis-sold pension claims.
We’ve completed well over 1000 claims, and won back £millions for our clients using a process that centred around them!

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We’ve developed our pension claims process to take as much of the work away from our clients and put it onto the experienced shoulders of our Claims Managers.

You should have the same Case Manager throughout the process – a single point of contact about your claim.

Pension Claim Timeline

Initial Assessment

Most of the claims we go onto win start with a FREE Initial assessment – chat with one of our case assessors so we can get a feel for your case.

We’ll let you know if we think you’ve got a claim – whether you want us to fight it for you is up to you!

The Nitty-Gritty

If it looks like you’ve got a claim, we’ll direct you to an experienced Case Manager – somebody who’ll dig deeper and investigate your claim. The full assessment usually takes between half an hour to an hour.

Coming aboard & LOAs

By the end of that conversation, we should know if we can fight your case, and we’ll offer our No Win – No Fee* claims services. If you want to go ahead, we’ll send you out the necessary documentation. Just read, sign and return.

We get to work

Once we’ve got the necessary documentation back, our team can really get to work investigating and creating your claim.

We’ll be in touch from time-to-time to keep you updated about our progress, otherwise you can be getting on with living your life while we work behind the scenes to rescue your pension.


One-day, we’ll call you up with the news: Hopefully, that news will be good, and we’ll get busy getting your compensation to you, (minus our success fee).

Looking for help? This isn’t our first rodeo…

Our pension claims process is built and developed from our own extensive experience.


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