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We’ve spoken to more than a few people who transferred their pensions after a cold-call from CL&P Brokers – an unregulated marketing firm operating (from what we can see) out of Spain.

Commercial Land and Property Brokers, of which Terence Wright was a director are known to have marketed two high-risk and Non-FCA regulated investments, including a the Store First Ltd Store Pods scheme and Australian farm land investment, which often seems to have involved the investor transferring their pension(s) into a SIPP: Self-Invested Personal Pension with Carey Pensions

CL&P wasn’t a regulated financial adviser, and people who transferred and invested their pensions after one of those cold-calls may have been mis-sold, and may be able to claim.

We’ve made successful claims relating to Store First before.

If you needed any more reason to choose us to take forward your claim, we’ve taken on and succeeded with Store First related claims before.

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Why are these types of investment sometimes unsuitable?

High risk investments are sometimes suitable for people who can stand the risk, like the examples below. If you don’t fit any of those descriptions, you might have a claim for negligence.

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