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Many people who received a cold-call from Consumer Money Matters Limited, an unregulated marketing company, were later introduced to Independent Financial Advisers like CIB Life and Pensions, and ended up transferring their pension into a SIPP – a Self-Invested Personal Pension, with high-risk and non-FCA regulated investments like The Resort Group in Cape Verde.

Big Commissions were available to marketing firms like Consumer Money Matters if they sold high-risk investments around this time.

That might sound fine, but only if the people investing were high net-worth individuals (earning over £100k or with £250k in assets) or Sophisticated Investors with plenty of investment experience – the criteria for being recommended a Resort Group SIPP investment due to its risky nature.

For the last few years, Get Claims Advice has been taking on mis-sold SIPP cases where the client was introduced to an unsuitable pension arrangement by Consumer Money Matters, and although they were not a regulated company, there is often a way forward to a claim for clients who have lost money through negligent financial advice.

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Did you know, we’ve made successful Resort Group related claims before?

Quite a few, in fact, many of which involved Consumer Money Matters.

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How were high-risk investments mis-sold?

It all comes down to suitability. The types of people listed below might have been ok with high-risk investments, but people who don’t fit these descriptions who invested overseas might have a claim to be made.

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    Do you have a wealth of knowledge and experience in investing?

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    Do you earn in excess of £100,000 per annum?

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    Or do you own £250,000 worth of investable assets?

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